Ideas & Suggestions for Barracuda MSP

ACTIVITY tab could be a little better

Activity Tab for each backup job..

  1. Too much wasted white space.. need to read full backup set name to the end and is so often truncated.

  2. Add icon or color to indicate backup job type (Like in BACKUP tab)

  3. Again, Detailed Event Log is a huge header for a small icon. wastes white space like crazy

  4. Whats with the 640pixel force size? let us our whole monitor?

  5. Line like this should be RED -> "Backed up 0 new items online for 00:58:40. Usage: 00 GB"

  6. Backup jobs that haven't ran in the time entered in the from the SYSTEM tab should be a different color to indicate clear issues.

  7. Clicking the backup set/name could bring you into edit the job, add new icon to view the log and keep detailed to do what it already does

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  • May 14 2021
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