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Online platform for schools

Ai coding school is a good option for students who are not able to travel. One of the main reasons for this is that they are based in india which reduces the costs significantly. Students have found this to be a great opportunity to pursue their passion because it often does not cost much at all.

Coding curriculum makes the base of a finished AI program. A programming language is best with an "if-then" statement with a Boolean question - if the answer is yes, then the code executes. If it's not, it doesn't.

Our curriculum is a combination of 12 coding languages which are taught in a progressive manner. We, online platform for schools teach the students to become creative and adventurous coders through knowledge, fun and exploration.

Some of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in High schools are mentioned as beneath:

Custom Softcopy Textbooks

Physical hardcopies require too much manual work and research, which can take time and cost more money. AI algorithms are the best solution for this problem because they can create softcopies by pulling data from scanned hard copies, the internet, and recently published research on a certain subject or topic.

The main aim of AI is to optimize the routine process, improving efficiency & speed. This is why many industries accept AI to compete with their competitors.

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  • Jun 20 2022
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