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Space Candy Strain

The Space Candy marijuana strain is famous for its potent effects on the body and mind. Space Candy is a superb daytime smoke recommended for anxiety and pain management. Its energetic high is highly effective in combating stress while causing minimal couch lock. Its sweet and fruity aftertaste is a delight to the senses. Unfortunately, space Candy produces copious amounts of resin. Therefore, this strain tends to be fast-growing and requires strong support to grow properly.

The Space Candy Strain is one of the most delicious cannabis strains in recent memory. Its distinct aroma and flavor are due to its unique terpene profile. Its dominant terpenes are b-Myrcene, farnesene, and a-Bisobolol. Its smell is reminiscent of ripe grapes. This cannabis strain has been named after its creator, James Murphy, who had a similar name for the Sour Space Candy strain.

  • Pepper M
  • Jun 29 2022
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