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How Do I Change My Flight on FlySafair?

Get all the details to change your flight on FlySafair

Safair, also known as FlySafair, is an airline in South Africa that connects various cities worldwide. The airline is popular among its passengers to provide the best policy and services. If you need to make any changes to your booking, it's possible; however, you must pay some charges.

Moreover, if you doubt Can I Reschedule my SafAir flight For Free? Then the answer is yes, but it depends on certain conditions; you can't reschedule the flight for free all the time. In addition to that, you also need to pay the fare difference if applicable. Regarding the flight reschedule process, check out the write-up below if you don't know how it works.

How can you Reschedule your FlySafair Flight?

If you book the ticket with Safair, you can make the changes online and offline. The detailed procedure is given below for your reference. Besides, if you doubt How to Change Seats on FlySafair? You can follow the same process.

Change your flight online

  • Go to the official website of Flysafair and locate the change booking options at the bottom.

  • You must sign in to your change booking portal using the confirmation number and last name.

  • Now you can review the flights you booked with Safair on the dashboard

  • Scroll down the page, and at the bottom, you get four buttons

  • The buttons offer various options to make changes to your booking

  • Click on the buttons, make the required modification and then proceed

  • You need to follow the prompt instruction on the screen to complete the changes

  • Here you might also need to pay the change fee and fare difference

Change your flight by calling

Apart from the online procedure explained above, if you still doubt, How Do I Reschedule my FlySafair Flight? You can call the Safair call center number and request the agent modify the booking on your behalf. You might need to pay the additional charges in this case.

So by going through the information above, you can make changes to your booking anytime. Besides, if you are concerned about What is the Safair Flight Reschedule Policy? Here you can check out the highlights listed below.

Safair Flight reschedules policy

  • The flight reschedules policy allows you to change the booking free of cost within 24 hours of booking. However, a change fee per person is applied if you miss the risk-free period.

  • In case your flight is delayed or cancelled due to some technical reason, and you don't like the alternative options, you can reschedule the flight at your end by speaking to the safair team or by visiting the official site.

  • You can reschedule the date or time of your flight along with the route and names of passengers. However, you need to pay the fare difference if changing flight time and routes.

By reading the complete information above, you must have got the answer to How Do I Change My Flight on FlySafair and other queries. In case you still need any additional information or have any doubts, you can talk to a Safair representative 24/7.

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