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Please improve Reporting

There is no reporting option that breaks down, by client, machine, week, month, etc. what has been going on.

For example, I recently learned that backups had been reporting successful completion, even though zero files were being backed up.    If I had a way of glancing at a daily, weekly or monthly report, showing how much data (files or bytes) each machine had uploaded, I could say, "Hmmm, that shouldn't be, he's been busy", or "That makes sense, she's on vacation."

As it is, there is no report that summarizes activity, and backup activity must be the most fundamental piece of information a backup service can report.

I really can't understand why your service has the most useless reporting feature.    There are literally zero reports that convey even the most basic useful information.  Clients shuld be able to glance at a report that tells them more than just "Number of failed backups", with no listing of which machines had been failing, or "Account data usage summary" with no indication of which machines are using how much space.    Use your imagination - there is a ot of information that your databases have that you don't bother making available to us.

With all the actual backup features that you offer, why would you deprive your MSPs the ability to manage them?

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  • Feb 21 2019