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Please improve Reporting

There is no reporting option that breaks down, by client, machine, week, month, etc. what has been going on.

For example, I recently learned that backups had been reporting successful completion, even though zero files were being backed up.    If I had a way of glancing at a daily, weekly or monthly report, showing how much data (files or bytes) each machine had uploaded, I could say, "Hmmm, that shouldn't be, he's been busy", or "That makes sense, she's on vacation."

As it is, there is no report that summarizes activity, and backup activity must be the most fundamental piece of information a backup service can report.

I really can't understand why your service has the most useless reporting feature.    There are literally zero reports that convey even the most basic useful information.  Clients shuld be able to glance at a report that tells them more than just "Number of failed backups", with no listing of which machines had been failing, or "Account data usage summary" with no indication of which machines are using how much space.    Use your imagination - there is a ot of information that your databases have that you don't bother making available to us.

With all the actual backup features that you offer, why would you deprive your MSPs the ability to manage them?

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  • Feb 21 2019
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  • Guest commented
    2 Jul, 2020 04:59pm
    That it is a module of personalized reports and that different reports can be created
  • Patrick Howitt commented
    17 Apr, 2020 08:01pm


    This a highly desired feature for us as well. Competing products already offer much more detailed and easily digestible reporting and modern methods of interacting with it such as webhooks and apis.

    We do a lot of business with Barracuda and this is essential to our business.

  • Guest commented
    4 Feb, 2020 05:48pm

    Reporting from activity does not match up with executive summary report.  According to BMSP support in activity there couple be an ERROR that in executive summary reports as warning or failed and some warnings report as warnings and some as failed. 


    This should be simple first activity history types should match Ecec Summary report.  if you look at executive summary and go "why did 22% of my backups fail" you should be able to go to activity and see the Failed types and find them to solve the issues.


    Second Types need to make since and simple. 
    Failed should mean it did not complete and is worthless backup

    Warnings should be things like completed with errors - maybe skipped file, log too big, etc
    completed it Ran no errors