Ideas & Suggestions for Barracuda MSP

Provide an offline installer for networks with poor Internet connectivity

Many of our customers are in rural areas and have poor Internet service. We typically set them up with a local backup to a NAS, In order to set up the backup agent on each computer, we have to download it over and over again. With a 500Kb/s connection, or worse, this takes a while.

We budget half an hour per computer for setup, most of which is waiting for the installer to finish. While we can often do more than one computer at once, this saves less time than it might because it exacerbates the slow download problem.

It would be very helpful if there was an offline installer in addition to the stub that is currently the only choice. Even if it was not completely up to date and had to download updates, which should still be much faster than downloading the entire installer over and over.

Alternatively, if there was some way to run the installer across a local network, so that we would only have to download it once, that would be almost as useful.

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  • Jun 11 2019
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