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Revert Desktop App to allow edits and deletes

A recent update removed the ability to edit or delete backup jobs within the desktop app "for security" reasons.  This clearly was not done with the customer in mind.  The web portal does not allow for adjusting the SQL credentials.  The portal does not allow for before and after actions for individual jobs.   This change has ruined my ability to effectively manage our 300+ clients.  Today alone I have receive numerous errors of the backup set is not available when trying to make edits online.  I can open the desktop app and see the backup set just fine but of course I am blocked from making edits.  My only recourse is to restart the services numerous times until the portal finally gets a good stable connection.  This is a colossal waste of my time.  The desktop app has the ability to secure with a password to prevent opening and already requires a password to delete a backup set.  That is secure.  Bring back our administrative abilities and stop forcing everything through a buggy portal.  While you are at it fix the portal so it properly calculates the value of the selected backup files/folders.  It has been months since this was broken and since then a few app updates have come out and removed our ability to administer clients efficiently, and have yet to resolve outstanding portal issues.  Change for the sake of change in the false name of security is not good for the client.

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  • Feb 12 2020
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    26 Feb, 2020 04:57pm

    This now also affect this:

    Now we have no way to make changes to SQL jobs.

    We also have no way to make granular edits when the portal is not connecting to the agent services properly.

    We also have no way to add before and after actions after the job is saved.

    The portal is limited at best and managing the clients in detail that the app has always provided with a secured password.