Ideas & Suggestions for Barracuda MSP

Make the online portal responsive

The online portal is very slow to respond, especially when trying to open the backup tab of a computer that's shown as being connected, and when trying to open the activity logs.

I've been using the Barracuda MSP backup since it was owned by Intronis. I've been working with hundreds of computer and server backups for the last 7 or 8 years. While I've seen improvements in the portal and the application features since Barracuda bought Intronis, the online portal has been plagued with extreme slowness since the first day I used it.

The worst slowness issues are when I attempt to edit a backup job, online, for a computer that the portal shows is connected. I click on the Backup tab, and get a spinning circle that lasts at least several minutes. After several minutes, I usually stop trying and go on to something else. The next most frustrating thing is trying to open Activity Logs. Often, I get an error that the logs aren't available (even for recently completed backups). Sometimes everything works OK, but better than half the time, I keep getting these interminable delays.

It appears to me that the Barracuda online portal is either very poorly designed, or is in need of a substantial increase in resources to process the internet activity.

  • David Rice
  • Jul 13 2020
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