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Air Pillow Film

What is Air Pillow Film?

Air pillow film is a new type of plastic packaging material that is light in texture, good in transparency, non-toxic and odourless. Air pillow film uses high-pressure polyethene as the main raw material, and then adds whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, and is extruded and blistered into a bubble product at a high temperature of about 230 degrees, which can prevent moisture, buffer, and heat the product.

Air pillow film is also known as air-cushion film, air bubble film, bubble film, bubble film, air cushion film. It is a pressure-proof, moisture-proof and shockproof chemical product used for packing and filling. It has the advantages of good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, non-toxic, odourless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and good transparency.

Advantages: good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing;
Function: shockproof, shatterproof. product protection;
Category: chemical products;
Alias: air-cushion film, air bubble film, bubble cloth, bubble paper;

Categories of Air Pillow Film

by type:

Air pillow film is divided into ordinary polyethene air pillow film, antistatic air pillow film, flame retardant air pillow film, aluminium foil air pillow film, kraft paper bubble film machine, colour printing air pillow film, three-layer air pillow film (single-layer bubble), Five layers of air pillow film (double foam), polypropylene thickened air pillow film, composite pearl cotton air pillow film.

Classified by raw materials:

High-quality new material (white and bright colour), recycled material (recycled bubble film and other reprocessing, due to impurities, the colour is dark).

Specifications of Air Pillow Film

Main Specifications:
20cm wide, 30cm wide, 40cm wide, 50cm wide, 60cm wide, 70cm wide, 80cm wide, 00cm wide, 120cm wide, 150cm wide, 160cm wide. Various specifications can be customized.

Air pillow film unit area weight:

30g-160g/square meter.

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  • Feb 6 2022
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