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Cotton Denim Fabric

Cotton Denim Fabric Detail Introduction

In the process of R&D and production for many years, RESERVE RATTAN TRADE has introduced the most advanced technology from abroad and conducted in-depth research to overcome many technical problems. The cotton denim fabric produced is of very high quality, which is suitable for the denim industry. Made an outstanding contribution to the development of.

Our cotton denim is made of selected high-quality materials. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. It is very comfortable to wear after being made into clothes. It has large elasticity, is not tight, wear-resistant, and has a long time of use. Therefore, it has been praised by consumers. .

If you want to choose high-quality fabrics for production, I believe that the cotton denim of RESERVE RATTAN TRADE will be your most reliable choice. We can provide you with the most favorable price, and we can customize the cotton denim according to your needs. If you need it, please contact us!

Cotton denim

The production process of cotton denim: raw yarn → sizing → weaving → singeing → sizing → slanting → shrink-proof → finished fabric → garment.

Sizing dyeing is usually carried out with indigo and sulfur dyes. The padding time and times are basically the same, and the temperature of the dyeing solution must be kept above 90°C.

When sizing, the sizing liquid is mainly composed of starch, modified starch, PVA, emulsified oil, penetrant, friction reducing agent and preservative, etc. The sizing liquid needs to be kept in an alkaline state, the temperature is 98~100℃, and the sizing rate is 12%~16 %.

Skewing is a step after singeing. By adjusting the tension of each guide roller, it can effectively prevent the cotton denim from skewing after washing, thereby affecting the quality of the garment.

The shrink-proof is mainly carried out in the shrinking machine, so that the shrinkage rate of the finished product is about ±5%, which can ensure that the garment is not deformed during washing and prolong the use time.

At this time, the cotton denim is finished. After it is made into a garment, it needs washing and other steps to make the garment softer and higher quality.

More explanation

RESERVE RATTAN TRADE adopts the most advanced production technology in the world, and can process and produce many types of denim. Among them, cotton denim is a kind of fabric that is well received by the market. It has been exported to many countries and regions. It is very popular, and we have become a long-term supplier of many companies because of the virtue of our excellent quality.

We use a large part of our profits for R&D and production, invest a lot of money in research and development every year, and hire excellent technicians with high salaries. After years of hard work, we have finally overcome many problems and achieved great technological progress. The breakthrough has formed our complete process system.

Because of this, we can fully guarantee the quality of the cotton denim produced, and because our staff have many years of work experience, we can guarantee delivery in the shortest time.

Nowadays, our cotton denim has made outstanding achievements in the market, and our technicians have effectively controlled the production cost, so we can give our customers the most favorable price, although we cannot guarantee the price of our cotton denim Is the lowest, after all, you get what you pay for. But what we can guarantee is that our cotton denim must have the highest quality, and you will buy the best quality fabric at the lowest price!

We adhere to the principle of green production and customer service. We look forward to more friends from home and abroad to discuss cooperation and jointly promote the development of the denim industry!

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  • Feb 6 2022
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