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What Is a Fireproof Safe?

A fireproof safe is a safe that does not allow fire to enter its contents. The safe is designed to withstand the pressures of fire and is certified to meet European and national fire safety and security standards. A fireproof safe is a great way to protect important documents, jewelry, and other valuable items.

UL1 fireproof safe

UL1 fireproof safes are built to withstand a fire of 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. They are made with a welded steel shell with a fire retardant material between the sheets. This prevents the passage of air through the safe. These safes also feature a key hook on the back of the door and a three-wheel mechanical combination lock. In addition, the doors are sealed with an intumescent seal, which means that in the event of a fire, the door will be able to seal properly.

UL2 fireproof safe

When buying a fireproof safe, it is important to choose one that meets the highest standards for safety. The ELT certification program from Intertek verifies the safe's waterproofness and impact resistance. This program also involves placing the safe in a heated furnace to 1,200oF. This testing ensures that the safe won't overheat or melt and that it can survive the fire.

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